Electronic data discovery (EDD) and computer forensics are not areas where I claim expertise. But Craig Ball is an expert and his new column Dem Phones, Dem Phones, Dem iPhones is worth a read for anyone involved with the litigation process, whether they deal with preservation and EDD or not. I have linked to the version with comments expanded as I think the “one phone or two” debate is of interest. Warning: This post may cause an emotional reaction, perhaps excitement that your expertise in this areas is so valuable, or maybe fear at the future complications you see ahead. Maybe it will just give you a headache.

Since I don’t claim expertise in these areas, I can share the parts that gave me a headache.

  1. The “we already know” part that I *don’t* already know.
  2. Empathy for the headaches that the trends he discusses are going to give lawyers and EDD professionals.
  3. That it ends with a three question quiz on technology that I would score a zero on! That’s unaccustomed territory for me.

But take a read! It is a well-written article and you do have aspirin in your desk drawer.