Podcasts are hot right now and many more people are listening to them. As shelter in place for the pandemic began, I thought less commuting might cause podcasts to be less popular but instead, the opposite seems to have occurred.

Attorney@Work posted a feature today Lawyer Tech Tips: Favorite Podcasts for Learning Something New?

Sharon Nelson and I have produced over 150 podcasts for our Digital Edge Podcast and I have guest hosted several other podcast interviews for Legal Talk Network, often at ABA TECHSHOW or ABA Annual Meetings.

Anytime you get a group to name their favorite podcasts, you will get an eclectic mix revealing each contributor’s professional and personal interests. Contributors on this favorite podcast feature are Sheila Blackford, Anne Haag, Jay Harrington, Gina Rubel, Ben Schorr, Camille Stell and Reid Trautz. You will enjoy reading about their favorites, both personal and professional. Quite a range of podcasts were mentioned. Sharon and I were pleased that a couple of the contributors mentioned our Digital Edge Podcast.