Keeping a podcast going for 11 years is quite the accomplishment, particularly for lawyers. The Internet is littered with lawyer blogs and podcasts that start strong, fade after a few months and are dead within a year.

But as regular listeners know, the Kennedy-Mighell Report is a consistently entertaining and informative production. (I should note a significant personal bias as the co-hosts are both long-term friends of mine.)

For the 200th episode of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis and Tom answer technology related questions from listeners (including yours truly). They provide a lot of great information, including about some of their favorite products.  Regular listeners of the podcast already know of Tom's interest in finding the best Bluetooth speaker of all. I noted his current recommendation. This is a very interesting podcast, although at over 47 minutes in length you need to set aside some time to take in it all.

Congratulations to Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell on a long podcasting run and another great podcast. We will expect even more from episode 201.

200th Kennedy Mighell Report