Happy blogiversaryIt was on January 2, 2005 that I launched Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips. So this week the blog is 12 years old. Happy Blogiversary to me and to my loyal readers, some of whom have been with me for all of the 12 years.

One of the reasons I wanted to mention this landmark is that I plan to have a renewed focus on the blog this year, starting with a face lift from the current old tired look, coming soon. I’ve found myself sharing a lot more on Twitter the last several years because it is quicker. I don’t intend to stop that and all of my reader should follow me, @jimcalloway, on Twitter. But tweeting shouldn't take the place of blogging.

I greatly appreciate all of you who have read this blog and supported me over the years. I’m sorry sometimes that I made the original decision not to allow comments, but I don’t have any more time to sort through comment spam now than I did 12 years ago. I do greatly appreciate that readers do let me know through their emails when I have gotten something right and when I have gotten something wrong.

I’m going to aim for regular longer blog posts like Echos of Police, Privacy and Alexa. And I’ll continue linking to my podcast episodes and my columns in Law Practice Magazine and the Oklahoma Bar Journal. There are a lot of great law blogs and so I am encouraged people still read my posts and share them. I certainly don’t lack for topics to write about as there are many new and interesting developments in the practice of law and law office technology. I’m also spending more time with Access to Justice issues and you will be seeing more content about the lawyer’s role in improving Access to Justice.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to pay attention. And if you want to give me a gift, share a link to my blog with someone you know and tell them why they should subscribe or read. (By the way, I know all the cool kids use a feed reader, but I have a large number of readers who subscribed by email with the easy link at the blog site.)