Sometimes lawyers are ahead of the techonology adoption curve. We have a higher percentage of smart phones than the general public, for example. But other times, not so much. So, I bet many of you are reading this post in Internet Explorer for simple reasons like it is familiar and already installed on your computer when you get it.

Your attention is directed to Customizing Chrome by Erik Mazzone, the director of Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar. In it he details his 11 favorite customizations for Google Chrome. Just reading of all of those customizations may make you more likely to try Chrome because these tools are really cool. Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite Chrome things, Erik.

For those of you who don't really want to be cutting edge, it is still OK to switch to Chrome. Check out Wikipedia's Usage share of web browsers, which contains lots of tables and maps that may surprise you about which browser rules.

As long as we are on the topic, check out Lifehacker's Most Popular Chrome Extensions and Posts of 2013.

And if you open lots of tabs in your browser, there is another shout-out to Chrome with Google Just Fixed One of the Most Annoying Things About Browsing the Web. Surely you, too, have opened several tabs and then had to figure out which tab is playing that annoying music or advertisement. Chrome is fixing that with a new feature in beta. But the article also points out the Chrome extension MuteTab will let you shut up one or more tabs.