I read a couple of great articles on Law Technology News online today. One was titled Once and Again Solo. In it, Marc Dobin, a lawyer from Jupiter, Florida told his story of setting up a solo practice once and then doing it again a few years later with a focus on good, low cost technology. From reserving a domain name to website hosting to e-postage to paperless practice, he outlines what choices he made and why he made them. Everyone may not make the same choices, but is a great outline.

The other article was Personal Injury Practice Bonds With Technology, also from LTN. It discussed how litigation firms are making use of document management software, including one case involved 10 million documents. It is hard to see how anyone could manage that amount of documents without document management software.

I have no financial interest in the publication, but I note that U.S. lawyers can subscribe to the print edition of Law Technology News at no cost by completing a brief survey.