I have just had the Samson Go Mic USB Microphone for a couple of weeks, but I like it a lot. It works for speech recognition as well as recording my podcast. It is inexpensive and compact. But before I got around to reviewing it, Diane L. Ebersole, PMRC Advisor for the State Bar of Michigan, reviewed it for the PMA Tip of the Week. If you would like to see the rest of the PMA Tips of the Week or subscribe to the feed for future tips, go here. So on to Diane's review:

The Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone is a Plug n’ Play microphone that takes
dictation using Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking, Vista Voice or Windows Speech
Recognition in Windows 7 to a whole new level.  This tidy little microphone can
be clipped to the top of your laptop screen, set on your desk or held in your
hand.  For my testing purposes I clipped it to my laptop screen which was about
28 inches from my face. The plug n’ play installation was faultless on both a
Windows 7 and XP machines.  I created a new user in Dragon, did the set up
reading and began to dictate.  Amazingly, with this setup, I achieved greater
accuracy that ever before, even when using a high quality headset (which I
despise wearing.)  Having originally bought the mike for another family member,
today I ordered a second one.  If you have struggled with Dragon, a high quality
microphone might be the solution.  This microphone in combination with MacSpeak
from Nuance will also work for those using a Mac.  The Go Mic comes with a hard
shell carrying case and a combination clip/stand.  The clip will not go over the
top of a regular flat screen monitor but some sticky backed Velcro could solve
that problem. Buying the Samson Go Mic from Amazon will cost you around $50
depending on your shipping options.