So many things to do, so little time. For a profession with a long tradition of recording time task-by-task as the day goes on, we still seem to lose time during the workday. Every lawyer has had the experience of working hard all day and noticing completed time sheets total far less than hours worked.

David Whelan does a review of three time-tracking products in his "Lost in Time" piece in Law Technology News. I've been hearing a lot lately about Chrometa, one of a class of these programs that can record everything you do on your computer for help in recovering lost billable time. It was good to learn more about Chrometa, along with Nestersoft's Worktime and Black Hill Software's TimeSprite.

Sure it will take you some more time to review the data from these, but if you just capture an additional half hour of billable time (or a single completed task under an alternative billing mode) each day, it would be a nice return on the review time.

(And it was good to hear from David Whelan, too. You can read more of his work at his site. He is someone we never should have exported to Canada!)