Those fine folks at the Washoe County Bar (Reno, NV) are cutting edge kind of people. (They have hosted a link to this blog on their website for a long time, certainly a positive "cutting edge" thing in my books!) But they have recently unveiled a great website entitled, which is a survival guide for teens and young adults. This is a great service. Let’s face it. There’s no complete guidebook for the many ways the world changes on one’s 18th birthday.

Many bar associations have done something like this. The Oklahoma Bar Association has the online publication: You’re 18 Now — It’s Your Responsibility!

The Washoe County Bar earns kudos for creating a great domain name and creating a catchy modern design for their page. But now their challenge is the same as in Oklahoma or in the home state of everyone reading this. How do we get a teen to read this? If you are in Reno, NV or Oklahoma, and know (or have) a teen or know a high school teacher, e-mail them the link. If you are elsewhere, see if your state has a similar resource. Our OBA Law-Related Education Department works to get the word out about this resource, but they can always use more help. There’s a new crop of 18 year olds each month. So spend a few minutes and see if you can so something to help inform some of them of their rights–and responsibilities.