One of the truly thought-provoking blogs in Law 21. It is produced by Canadian Jordon Furlong, who is Editor-in-Chief of National magazine at the Canadian Bar Association. But it is his project, not an official one. As he notes on the blog, "[i]n the 21st century, the practice of law is shaking loose from its traditional moorings and heading out into uncharted territory. Opportunities abound, but so do pitfalls. Most of the old rules won’t apply anymore, while some will matter more than ever." I’ve recently compiled a whole set of law practice management wisdom from Canadian sources. I may just toss them up on the blog next week. I have known Jordan for quite a while and got a chance to visit with him quite a bit at the last ABA TECHSHOW. He’s a very interesting individual. Visit Law 21. Think about the future. It will be worth your time.