When a lawyer tells me that they are using an Apple Mac computer, I always direct them to visit and bookmark Apple’s Small Business – Legal website. They do a good job of providing links to law office specific software for the Mac as well as links to events, news items and other sites.

Pete Roberts, Practice Management Advisor for the Washington State Bar Association gave me a list of some other sites for Mac lawyers, some of which I had heard of and others, I had not. Of course as you check these out, you will stumble across others. So here goes…..

Ben Stevens’s The Mac Lawyer blog is not to be missed. I just logged into it today to check the URL and I find news of an update to Mac OS Leopard, a link to the Mac Tips and Tricks blog showing how to use Mac’s Spotlight for quick calculations, a list of more Mac-related law blogs and a post linking to the Top 100 Essential Mac Applications. Wow. Who knows what I might have found had I taken time to search past the first few posts. Ben will be a speaker on ABA TECHSHOW’s new "Mac Track" this year.

Jeffrey Kabbe’s Apple Briefs is another site full of information for the lawyer who uses a Mac.

A Mac Lawyer’s Notebook is a more recent addition to the Internet, chronicling one lawyer’s experiences with changing to the Mac Environment and the choices he made.

Criminal Defense Law with an Apple is about as self-explanatory as a title can be.

And, of course, you had to know there would be a Mac Law Students blog.

You’ll find links to other Mac lawyer sites on the official Apple site and all of the others noted above.