Voice-Activated Technology for Lawyers is the subject of my column in the Oklahoma Bar Journal this month. It is a farily short treatment of a big topic, but it includes links to my previous articles on speech recognition software and digital dictation devices. Regular readers of this blog have already learned of my infatuation with the new speech-to-text service, Jott, so that part of the article should come as no surprise to you.

I do confess that I find truly amazing the improvements that have occurred in in voice-activated technology in just the last few years. Maybe we will reach the day where we can do most anything with our computers via voice commands.

The e-zine Law Practice Today this month republished the materials that Laura Calloway, Director of the Alabama State Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Program, and I did for our ABA TECHSHOW 2007 presentation "Talking to Yourself: Your Voice as Your Assistant." With all of these articles you should have a fairly good overview of this broad topic.