Law firm consultant Ronda Muir’s Law People Blog has the motto "Better Law Practice Through Better People Management."  This blog addresses a critical aspect of law practice management. Larger employers, including law firms, have Human Relations departments to deal with the numerous issues that hiring people brings to the workplace. For the most part, solo and small firm lawyers are shocked by the number of personnel issues that arise. And they often just have to wing it.

It was a shock to me to realize that one of the secretaries breaking up with her boyfriend would be a drain on the productivity of the entire office for a week. Then there was the staff person who seemed to have "24 hour stomach flu" on Mondays much more frequently after the divorce.

Check out Rhonda’s fine blog. She does post a few of her press releases there. But we all understand how Google works. She has periodic links to interesting essays on HR that lawyers will like and some really nice first person posts that she writes. Write more of those, Rhonda. Good stuff. I encourage readers to visit this week’s Website of the Week, the Law People Blog.

P.S. Here’s an unsolicited (but related) plug for ABA Retirement Funds. They have been coming to our OBA Solo and Small Firm Conference as a sponsor for several years. They have signed up a lot of our small firm lawyers to do retirement plans for themselves and their staff. Why? They make it easy. You don’t have to be an ABA member to participate. You can offer a great benefit that encourages staff to stay with your firm to increase their retirement. ABARF does all the paperwork and filings. All you have to do is send them a check. If your staff person quits or gets fired, they deal with the person, not you.