Carolyn Elefant’s My Shingle blog has long been a resource and advocacy site for solo and small firm practitioners. Earlier this summer she added another resource with SOLOFORMANIA. I’ll use Carolyn’s words to explain the simple idea behind this site.

"What is SOLOFORMANIA? It’s a cornucopia of forms for the busy solo – ranging from FREE sample practice guides, fee agreements and retainer letters, to court forms for all 50 states (some free, some fee) to general form files on the Internet," she posted.

She says she’s still got some work to do, but the collection is quite impressive, reflecting a lot of work on Carolyn’s part. She reminded me of some words of wisdom from an old friend on mine, lawyer Gregory B. Jackson of Shawnee, OK. Greg says, "There are two things a lawyer sometimes wants, and when he wants them he really wants them. Those are a form and a continuance." Well, Carolyn can’t help you with the second one, Greg, but now she’s got some help on the first. This collection is definitely worth singling out as a Website of the Week.