David J. Bilinsky has entered the blogosphere  with his new weblog, Thoughtful Legal Management. This brings up several questions. The most obvious is whether the term "thoughtful legal management" is an oxymoron. The second is why a very well respected gentleman who is already busy as a Practice Management Advisor and staff lawyer for the Law Society of British Columbia and the Editor-in-Chief of Law Practice Magazine would want to further complicate his life by starting a new blog? David, I should know the answer to that one because I hear (ask myself) similar questions with each new project. But I don’t.

David is a towering intellect. Davis is a friend. He’s also a perfectionist. So I want to warn him publicly that every blog post doesn’t have to be perfect. Just toss them up there because we know you have a lot to share. I’ve had several really nice blog posts that died in the draft mode waiting to be perfected. Then a month or so later I review the draft and decide it just isn’t that timely anymore or I’m just tired of thinking about it.   Besides if you aren’t aiming for perfect, mistakes are then just a part of the business plan. So that’s my blogger mentoring moment.

David is also a former ABA TECHSHOW chair. I’ll let you review his other list of accomplishments here. There will be some great information about law firm management on his blog, so stay tuned. And, congratulations, Dave. Starting a blog is half the battle won already.