The Sunlight Foundation describes its Insanely Useful Websites resource as follows:

  • "The following sites and resources are “insanely useful Web sites” for government transparency. They provide a broad range of information available to track government and legislative information, campaign contributions and the role of money in politics. Many of these resources apply the Web 2.0 ethos to sift, share and combine this information in innovative ways – often times by mashing data together from disparate sources to maximize the usability of that information."

This week’s Website of the Week selection is prompted by an article from Peggy Garvin on, The Government Domain: ‘Insanely Useful’ Legislative Sites. If you are not familiar with sites such as Congresspedia, GovTrack, LOUIS, and OpenCongress, Peggy Garvin’s article is worth reading. You will probably agree that Insanely Useful Sites is worth adding to your favorites.