BlawgWorld 2007 is a free eBook featuring "77 thought-provoking essays from 77 of the most influential blawgs." I’m honored Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips was selected to be included with that group.Blawgworld07cover

Neil Squilante, Sara Skiff and the rest of the gang at TechnoLawyer have once again put together an outstanding publication in PDF format. Some will find fault with any selection of best blawgs, but this certainly should give anyone a feel for the varied and interesting content being published by the citizen journalists within the legal community. I know they have included most of my favorites. The e-book features simple and easy navigation features. I suggest you download it now.

However, there is an interesting addition this year with the inclusion of Technolawyer Problem/Solution Guide. It features 185 law office technology problems with 185 suggested solutions. It is a sponored feature, so that means you will be getting one particular vendor’s suggested solution. But it is another useful tool. Take a look at BlawgWorld 2007.