Ellen Freedman is the practice management advisor for the Pennsylvania Bar. Most PMA’s are employees of their various bars, but Ellen provides her services via contract and has a private consulting services as well. Ellen is an accomplished consultant, writer, speaker, trainer and a real character as well. Ellen has several web publications. Many of you know of her blog, PA Law Practice Management. She has a resource-filled site for Freedman Consulting, Inc. But, for this week’s Website of the Week, I want to focus on a sub-part of her consulting site. I am calling it The Ellen Freedman Collection. There she keeps a PDF archive of her articles that have been published in the Pennsylvania Bar News or other venues.

There is a lot of good material here. You can spent some productive time scrolling up and down this list of titles. Here’s a link to the latest addition, Much Ado About DOCS. This is a really outstanding article ranging from document assembly to document management. I’ve used the phrase too much lately, but this is another "must read," considering how much of our professional lives is tied to documents.

I hope this is opening up a new resource for many of you. I envision lots of visitors to her site downloading lots of these articles. So ……………..  release the hounds!