I try to stick closely to law-related items in my posts. But what the heck. It is the holiday season. I can give a gift to many of my readers with this post and provide some people much-needed stress relief during this busy time. (Ever notice how good we lawyers are at rationalizing a course of conduct once we decide to embark upon it?)

This week’s Website of the Week features free recordings of classic live rock concerts from Wolgang’s Vault. Click on the link above, register and soon you, too, can be hogging the office bandwidth listening to complete concerts from Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, CSN&Y and Led Zeppelin. The Top 100 Rated of the collection is quite impressive (if you enjoy this type of music.) I saw the story of Wolgang’s Vault on TV and it is certainly interesting. Someone is making a lot of money from selling the classic rock memorabilia. But they are giving us lots of free music, so it’s cool, man.

Happy holidays, everyone.

Hat tip to Norman G. Fernadez, Esq. of Chatsworth, CA, who posted the link to the Solosez list.