No, it’s not my review, but I think you will find this review from C|Net of the version of Windows Vista sent to hardware manufacturers useful and there is even a fun little online video version.

The conclusion: "Overall, we find this Windows Vista RTM build very stable and feature rich, and we look forward to reviewing the final release on January 30, 2007. Given the way the installation process checks for program updates, Microsoft has the opportunity to roll out the operating system with a few known bugs. So long as Microsoft is able to fix these bugs by its self-imposed general availability date, we think Vista could be a worthy upgrade for most PC users."

While I’ve heard from several IT types who planning on waiting until at least mid-year to deploy the new Operating System, I still think many end users will be rushing to take advantage of the new features. Watch the video at the link above to see them. It’s just too bad Microsoft couldn’t get it done by year’s end as many firms would like to buy new computers (and deduct the cost) this year. Buying a new computer with the OS pre-installed is my favorite way to upgrade the OS. Hat tip to Oklahoma City attorney John Brewer for the link.