Most lawyers are very, very busy. When I encourage them to participate in online communities like OBA-NET or Solosez, they often respond that they don’t have the time to read their own e-mail, much less sign up for optional messages or postings. (In fact, one really well-known technology expert and lawyer confessed to me yesterday that due to traveling and other commitments he had quickly become "800 e-mails behind.")

But there is a great deal of collective wisdom being shared online. So Popular Threads on Solosez is a good way to share in some of that wisdom without having to sort through hundreds of e-mails. I’ve mentioned this service before, but it deserves another mention. These are quick reads with all of the signature blocks and other extra information stripped out.

But how will you remember to check the popular threads each month? (You might ask.) Well, the ABA GP/Solo Division allows non-members to subscribe to its Buzz e-newsletter, which, among other things, announces the Popular Threads each month. Subscribe here.