Now why would I feature a web page that most all of you have already visited as my Website of the Week? And one from Microsoft at that?

Microsoft Office Online features things that you would assume it should: tips and helps for using Microsoft Word,  patches and fixes (including the "Remove Hidden Data" add-on) and useful online training. But unless you’ve looked closely you may have missed the fact that there are great free downloads. In fact some may be useful even if you are an Open Office die hard using a Linux box. There is lots of royalty-free downloadable clip art. Search for the word "justice" or "law" just to get an idea of what might be useful for you. J0336381There are also sounds and animations. Try a few searchs and liven up your web page, personal stationery or CLE papers. Every year I write several CLE papers for presentations. I’ve decided that I’m going to liven them up a bit this year with a few clipart images inserted every few pages. You wouldn’t want to go overboard with this idea. But there’s no law that says CLE papers have to be dull, featureless pages of nothing but text either. Experiment a little!