Well, the latest legal technology and law practice management expert to start a blog is none other than Ross Kodner.  Ross Ipsa Loquitur is the name of his blog. Surely Ross’s name will be familiar to most of you reading this blog. It certainly is familar to many Oklahoma lawyers due to his numerous guest appearances at our Solo and Small Firm Conferences. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was noting that his materials on "sweet spots" for purchasing tech gear were available on the Web.  Now he’s are ready reposted them (or, knowing Ross, an updated version of them) to his blog.  Ross’s list of accomplishments is too lengthy to go in to in the short space.  But I can say without qualification that you will want to either make this blog a regular part of your web surfing, subscribe to its RSS newsfeed or use the e-mail subscription form.  (I cannot even claim to be unbiased about this blog as I am the one who came up with its name in a little informal contest that Ross ran.)

Ross Ipsa Loquitur is my Website of the Week.