It’s not suprising that David Maister now has a blog, "Passion, People and Principles." He has a long tradition of posting lots of advice and insight on the Web.

In case you have not heard of David Maister, suffice it to say that he is a management guru, particularly where professional service firm managment is concerned. He has published several important books, like First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals (with Patrick J. McKenna) and The Trusted Advisor (with Charles Green and Robert M. Galford.)

For several years, he provided an "ask David" web feature posting responses to a number of submitted questions. While he has discontinued this after five years, the archives are available here. See this example of his thoughts on law firm succession planning from a prior "Ask David" response.

Along with the other great content on his site, he now regularly publishes detailed and thought-provoking essays on his blog. Here are some sample titles from just this month so far: The Brutal Truth About Other People, The Managing Partner’s Speech, and What Does it Take to be Truly Great? He also has a podcast among his other offerings. Check out the wealth of free information on this week’s Website of the Week.

The most surprising thing about his site is an entry on his blogroll for my blog. Wow! Color me surprised and very pleased.