A new law practice management blog has been launched. It is called The Practice. It is the brainchild of three lawyers–Jonathan Stein of Elk Grove, CA, Shane Jimison of Richmond, VA and Barry Kaufman of Jacksonville, FL. For a blog that has been online less than a month, they have a remarkable number of good posts.

But they may have already made a few posts that are, well, just wrong! Why would I point that out? Well, that’s part of their design. They don’t all agree on everything and don’t hesitate to do point-counterpoint posts on various topics like whether a solo lawyer should purchase pre-engraved stationery or print it as they print each letter. Since they disagree, one has to be wrong. Right? Well, actually no. I would think that attorneys, more than most all other professions, would appreciate the benefit of hearing both sides of an issue. Anyway, this is a great blog and my only concern is that these guys keep up the good work and don’t burn themselves out early with such a large volume of posts. We all want to keep hearing from them.