Freivogel on Conflicts is not  a Website that will be of interest to many non-lawyers. In fact Mr. Freivogel states in his "Ground Rules for Using This Site," that "[t]his site is not designed for non-lawyers. Indeed, lawyers who have not studied or dealt with conflicts of interest rules for lawyers on a regular basis will find this site a bit of a challenge. It is designed for lawyers who have a basic knowledge of the conflicts rules." William Freivogel is an insurance industry executive who has been working with lawyers on risk management and malpractice prevention issues since 1987. If you’ve ever done legal research on ethical conflicts, then you know that once you get past the easy and obvious rules, the law becomes complex rather quickly. To get an idea of the value of this site, click on What’s New and look at the number of items posted within the last 30 days. Then go to the Table of Contents and pick an interesting looking topic at random. You’ll find a clear statement of the issue and a set of citations that will save you a great deal of research time if you need to delve deeper. Clearly this is a "must bookmark" site and it is my Website of the Week.