The November issue of Law Practice Today has been posted. It contains the usual assortment of helpful articles including such topics as law firm culture, strategic planning and "Eight Things Keeping Law Firm Management Awake at Night". But the feature I really want you to notice is one on the abundance of law practice management blogs that are online. Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell profile nineteen blogs focusing on law practice management (including this one.) This is really sort of amazing, Consider all of the paid law office consultants, coaches and other fee-for-services vendors to help lawyers improve their practices. Now we have 19 sources of practice management advice online for free. Hopefully the number and quality of blogs noted here will convince visitors to this site that it is about time to get one of those RSS newsreaders installed and set up so you don’t miss any of these words of wisdom. But, (as the infomercial goes) wait, there’s more! New practice management blogs are popping up all the time, like The Practice, mentioned in my post of earlier today.

(And just because I mention subscribing to the RSS feeds, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I don’t appreciate their visits to this site. It gives me good feedback on what topics interest the readers.)