Rarely would I use a beta site for my Website of the Week. But Rollyo is such a clever idea that I wanted to pass it along. A mini-search engine that you design yourself sounds like fun. Well, OK, maybe it only sounds like techno-geek fun. Basically you can collect up to 25 web addresses into your customized searchroll. Then you, or others, can use that tool to perform searches that look to only those sites. At the Rollyo site, you can see what some people have done as examples of searchrolls. I’m thinking on a small scale here with searchrolls like Jim’s News (my favorite news sites) or Oklahoma Sports or Legal News or maybe Fantasy Football news. Of course, many of you may have already heard of Rollyo in the last few days. Maybe you read Gary Price’s Roll Your own Search Engine With Rollyo (Beta)  or you read Tom Mighell’s or Dennis Kennedy’s blog posts on Rollyo.