Joy London was an early blogger. Her archives on her Excited Utterances blog go back to mid-2002, before many of you had even heard of blogs. Excited Utterances focuses on knowledge management ("KM") within law firms. KM was the big buzz in corporate circles a few years back and still is an important subject for law firms. How do you avoid reinventing the wheel? How do we capture the things lawyers learn in one case to be used in the next? How do we keep lawyers from hoarding their knowledge within the firm?

I have to admit I don’t visit her blog (or read the RSS feed) every day. You cannot just zip through Joy’s posts. Joy makes you think. Just read, for example her recent post "To Classify is Human" (10/21/05.) In it she quotes or references Nena (did the song "99 Red Balloons,") the 18th Century botanist Carolus Linnaeus, the Global Director of KM at Baker and McKenzie and James Mallet (an evolutionary biologist at University College London.) You do need to check out this important and significant blog. You will find as much introspective, original, smart content about your law practice as you will find most anywhere – even if she does make you think!