"One Law Office to Go, Please" is the title of my column for the Oklahoma Bar Journal this month. It covers the very basics of how a law office can be made mobile with current technology. I’d like to expand it into something more lengthy sometime, but time marches on and the Oklahoma Bar Association Annual Meeting is on the horizon.

I would note that I firmly believe that many, if not most, lawyers should consider utilizing a laptop rather than a desktop for their primary work computer. This particularly true for true solos with little or no staff support or those brand new lawyers trying to start a practice on a shoestring budget. It just makes too much sense to always have all of your work in progress within handy reach in case you decide to put in another hour after your kids have gone to bed or there is an unexpected situation. (This may not be so true for larger firm lawyers with remote access and a home computer.) Of course, the maximum benefit of this practice does depend on how far down the road you have gone on scanning incoming documents and creating a digital client file.