Kansas attorney Grant D. Griffiths has launched a new blog this month called Home Office Lawyer. He’s already put up quite a few posts and I’m going to trust that his blog continues and feature him as my Website of the Week. He also posts on Macs in the law office and paperless office concepts. I’m not exactly an advocate of the home office set-up, but recognize that some lawyers really like it, others are forced into it and for some practice styles, (e.g. only researching and writing appellate briefs or a part time practice) it is the perfect situation. I’ll look forward to seeing how Grant covers the issue of meeting with clients and others as his practice is 25% criminal defense and 75% domestic, which are the two practice areas where many would be most uncomfortable inviting clients, witnesses and opposing parties into their home or even giving them one’s home address. Good luck on the new blog, Grant.