Recently a couple of legal ethics blogs have been launched. Both already reflect great commitment and scholarship.

The Legal Ethics Forum has been launched by three academics. Professor John Dzienkowski, Professor W. Bradley Wendel and John J. Steele. Since its launch, Professor David Hricik has also joined forces with them. With this many professors involved, you know there will lots of posts each week (or each day.) The result so far is an outstanding and active blog with thought-provoking posts and news items that need not be directly related to the Rules of Professional Conduct or Code of Professional Responsibility. (Thanks to Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites for the bio links.)

Ben Cowgill’s Legal Ethics Blog was just launched March 16th and is a beautifully designed website. He is a former Chief Bar Counsel for the Kentucky Bar Association. It’s obvious he’s done some website work before. From his talking avatar to guide you through the site to the massive collection of links to ethics resources, including Kentucky ethics opinions, it is an impression publication.

Bookmark both of these sites.