Since I’m busily promoting ABA TECHSHOW 2005 (March 31-April 2, 2005 in Chicago) right now, people might not be surprised that I’d pick as my Website of the Week. But it is only lately that this site has grown into more than just a technology conference promotion (and registration) site. You can receive technology tips from You can review the sites from 60 Sites in 60 Minutes 2004. (OK, there are more than 60 listed.) You can see a bit of the evolution of legal resources on web with the 60 Sites in 60 Minutes Hall of Fame. This honors sites we’ve had to retire from the show. And you can still find out everything you want about ABA TECHSHOW. Check out all of the speakers and all the presentations that will be given in Chicago next week. Online pre-enrollment closes March 25. Hope to see you there.