My story in the Jan 15, 2005, Oklahoma Bar Journal asks “Was 2004 the Year of the Blog?” I used this story to introduce my blog to our membership. The title is no doubt a bit of hyperbola since most Internet users (and therefore most of the general population) still don’t understand what a blog is. But several well-publicized instances of blogs making the news meant many more people knew of blogs at the end of 2004 than at the beginning. This feature follows up on my March, 2003 stories “Of Blogs, Bloggers and Blawgs” and “Interview with the Bloggers.” As I told someone recently, I thought about my blog for two years and then did it in two days. I mentioned several blogs by Oklahoma Bar members in my article, including  the intellectual property blog PHOSITA, Benefitsblog, Direct Appeal and Res Ipsa Loquitur.

But I left out James D. Graves’ OKBlawg- The Oklahoma Law Blog. James had actually started his blog a day or two after I started mine and he hadn’t gotten the word to me yet. He’s going to cover “Oklahoma law, legal issues and politics.” Good luck, James.