For many years, I did a Website of the Week for the Oklahoma Bar site. After a while I stopped updating it and when there was no great negative response, I moved on. After 5 years or so, locating interesting sites was a bit harder anyway.

With the huge number of blawgs springing up and the easier method of posting my blawg provides, I’ve decided to resurrect the feature here. Look for a Website of the Week every Monday morning here. Some will be blawgs, but many will not.

Tulsa County, Oklahoma has always had an interesting and useful family law site with its The front page provides a picture of each of the family law judges and under each picture is a link to this week’s docket for the judge. There’s an online child support calculator, forms, a map to the courthouse and lots of useful things. Well, now they have added a brand new page with a News and Commentary section at It covers news of interest to family law practitioners, including summaries of recent opinions relating to family law with links back to the full text of the opinions and statutes on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. FIT News is powered by Blogger software, so I guess it qualifies as a court blog. (Note to others: Does your state now have all your case and statutory law online at no charge like OSCN does?)