This is the official announcement that my Law Practice Tips weblog (or blog, if you prefer) has been launched. My name is Jim Calloway and I guess now I’m officially a blogger. I’m also the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program, where my job is to help Oklahoma lawyers to practice law better. Public perceptions notwithstanding, most lawyers do an excellent job of representing their clients. But there are always ways to innovate and improve. We help Oklahoma lawyers with law office systems, new management ideas, law office technology, law firm specific software and about lots of other business matters.

One could drone on at length about why one would set up a blog. I have several reasons. Over the last few years, I’ve attended and arranged conferences on law practice management issues. I’ve picked up a few things of value I want to broadly share with our members. I also know where a lot of smart people post good content online. Primarily this weblog will serve as a conduit for practice management tips and other information that can assist Oklahoma lawyers to improve their practices. The Internet being what it is, however, others with an interest in law office operations or legal technology are welcomed to frequent this weblog as well. But you’ll note a distinct Oklahoma flavor here.

For the next few weeks (or maybe, like, …for forever, ) this weblog will be a work in progress. I’ll post some items weekly, and often daily. Often my posts here will be short with a link to some other online content. One of the interesting functions of this site allows the organization of posts into categories. I’m hoping that over the months, these categories will become valuable resources for the infrequent visitor and those searching for specific information. So, over the next few months I will be posting links to some of my older online content, so it will be indexed by category.

Oh, yeah, and before I close, let me insert a disclaimer. When I provide links to some other web site, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of appropriate content. Click at your own risk. I’ll try to avoid such sites. But hey, it’s the Internet; who has time to read every banner ad? Most importantly my comments posted here are strictly my own and should not be considered as reflecting the opinion of my employer, the Oklahoma Bar Association. Only the OBA officers, OBA Board of Governors and the OBA Executive Director can speak officially on behalf of the OBA- not me. If I post a link to a product or service, it does not mean it is the most reliable or best option. You simply have more information than you had before. I do promise to make mistakes here. We all do. It is a new medium, it is informal and the point is to pass along information quickly and broadly. So my mistakes will be quickly pushed out to others via RSS feeds (more on those later) and I can edit, but not un-ring the bell.

For more law practice information, you can visit the OBA Management Assistance Program Web page. There are links to many articles there.