We all agree that email is a pain, and sometimes managing email seems like a separate job all by itself. But Outlook users have a great tool for processing email that is already built-in. It is called Outlook Quick Steps. Being able to accomplish several email actions with one click is a significant time-saver for

Dropdown menus are great ways to navigate through software for things you do infrequently. For operations you do several times a day, keyboard shortcuts are faster, and you don’t have to remove a hand from the keyboard. Some of these we know by heart, like Esc to close a window, Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V

Lawyers are trained to consider the negative implications of anything new. When the idea of chatbots on law firm websites first surfaced, many were concerned about the potential for malpractice liability based on poor advice from a chatbot. But giving legal advice is not something your law firm would ever want a chatbot to do.

Zoom became extraordinarily popular this year. When people were locked down and working from home, what was not to like about a free videoconferencing service that was simple and easy to use? We then got to hear a lot about Zoom’s shortcomings from bloggers and reviewers. I always suspected Microsoft was encouraging that line of

Today, the legal technology community is in mourning. We lost Gayle McCormick O’Connor, who was truly one of a kind! Tom and Gayle O’Connor have been a fixture at legal tech conferences for decades. You never knew what fascinating stories they would have to share. It is a cliche, but Gayle could light up a