During the last couple of months of 2022, I taught several CLE programs on ethical issues with lawyers’ use of technology. Password managers are one key to ethical digital security because you can create extremely long passwords no one could guess, and you won’t be tempted to use the same password for many sites, which

It is certainly not rare to see lawyers practicing in an office sharing arrangement. Sometimes a law firm that is downsizing finds itself with more office space than it needs, and subletting makes sense. Two or three lawyers might rent an office suite for their individual solo practices. Office sharers can benefit from sharing overhead

Ransomware and other online attacks have been in the news recently, from shutting down the Colonial Penn pipeline to schools, hospitals, and a meat processing company. FBI Director Christopher Wray has asked victims not to pay ransoms. But the cybercriminals now have a new threat. If the ransom is not paid, in addition to not

Many media outlets covered the plight of Stefan Thomas, the man who, as of January 2021, had $250 million worth of bitcoin trapped in his Bitcoin wallet. He secured the keys to the wallet on an IronKey flash drive. I recall in one 60 tips presentation years ago noting the Mission Impossible feature of the

Lawyers are often concerned about the ethics rules requirements of understanding “the risks and benefits of relevant technology.”

But you do have to competently protect your clients’ digital information and you would be wise to protect your own digital information, particularly your online financial accounts. One of the major steps in protecting digital information is

As I have noted in this tip series previously, if your WiFi router has been in service for several years, it is likely time for a replacement. You may be using out of date security tools without knowing it. And in many cases a wireless router, particularly a mesh system, will improve your online experience.

Google Street View can be intrusive, especially if you had all your windows open when the Google recording vehicle drove by your house. Of course, other people were thrilled that Google Street View preserved them for posterity sitting on their front porch or working in their yard.

Before you decide to replace the image of