I’m certain the majority of lawyers would say they don’t print anything on the back of their business cards. That is fine.

A lawyer from southeastern Oklahoma showed me what she prints on the back of her business cards. This is another instance of where people law practice has different approaches than corporate law. People law involves court hearings where the primary tangible result is another court date being scheduled. I often found myself writing the new date on the back of a business card so the client would have written confirmation of the new date (in addition to a notice we’d mail).

But there is something nice about having this “form” to complete. It also greatly increases the chance the client will save the card in purse or wallet, which, as we all appreciate, is good for both lawyer and client. Giving your client several of your business card during the representation isn’t marketing–exactly. But it does make it more likely they will have your business card in the future if legal services are needed again.