Computer crimes continue. Lawyers need to be aware of wire fraud schemes and the many types of phone-based fraud that exist. But we also need to be aware of appropriate cyber security measures. You don’t want to be hacked. But you also don’t want clients, coworkers, friends and family to be hacked.

Wired magazine published a feature 6 Things You Need to Do to Prevent Getting Hacked.

These six items are mostly about personal habits rather than sophisticated IT infrastructure.  This makes it a great item to share with staff, family and friends. Every computer user can handle these items.

Of course, there may be one slight drawback. You may be asked if you “do all of this?” You’ve seen some of these six items before. So hopefully your answer will be either “yes” or “mostly.”

A law firm being hacked has significant consequences for the lawyer and clients alike. We know that most hacks enter the office via email. So that is a good area to address. Recently New York became the first state to require lawyers to take CLE of one hour every two years in cybersecurity, privacy or data protection.