This is a blast from the past, well, from 2015. Who is your Document Czar? If you work in a business where creating and managing documents is a major operational function, you do have in-house expertise. You must. So who is your top document expert? Who advises the shareholders on document creation and retention policies? Who assists with designing the various templates your firm uses to create certain kinds of documents? Who do you reach out to when an important document is fractured by mysterious formatting issues?

Microsoft Word is extremely powerful and can be used for all sort of automation and other powerful operations. But someone has to take the lead on this. From the July/August 2015 issue of Law Practice Magazine, here is my piece on Your Document Czar. Hiring someone to do this may be more challenging than you think. So the best plan may be in invest the resources to encourage one or more of your current employees to expand their skills. But you have to give them the time and resources to do that. Documents are a big part of what we do. It is time to think more about doing it better.