WordRake is a great tool for lawyers to improve their documents and their writing skills.

I consider myself to be a good writer. But when I use WordRake to review a final draft, it always provides several helpful suggestions. It is a great tool if you need to cut a few dozen words out of a brief to comply with a page limit.

In our video, WordRake’s Ivy Grey, highlights how WordRake addresses typical problem areas in legal writing.

This is a great video to improve your writing skills whether you are considering subscribing to WordRake or not. Ivy identifies several common problem areas for lawyers like “throat clearing.”

Oklahoma Bar Association members can receive a discount on a one-year subscription and WordRake offers everyone a seven-day free trial. Oklahoma Bar members can obtain the WordRake discount code by logging into MyOKBar and selecting Practice Management Software Benefits.

Enjoy the video and scroll down below the preview to see links to Ivy’s additional tips on using WordRake.

Ivy’s WordRake Super User Tips