Keeping the customer satisfied should be an important of every business today. This includes law firms, even though we refer Satisfied Customerto our customers as clients.

My column in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Keeping the Customer Satisfied, outlines some ideas to do just that. One of the first rules is to not do things that aggravate the customer, like having them waste time in the the law firm’s waiting area for a long time after their scheduled appointment.

With some clients the challenge is helping them understand clearly the challenges they faced and benefits they received. As I noted in the column: 

“With medical services, a sick patient can become well or a broken bone will heal. With legal services, successful delivery of the services is often couched in terms that were previously not familiar to the client like decrees, court orders, injunctions, closings and the like.”

Take this opportunity to read these ideas and then think about what you can do to improve client satisfaction.

As an additional bonus today, here is some appropriate music for your inspiration as you consider how to make your current clients “clients for life.”