“Ask any parent and they will likely agree that parenting is a difficult job in the best of circumstances. Co-parenting during and after a divorce, where negative feelings and miscommunication have often been the case, increases the difficulty of focusing on the interest of the children. In today’s app-filled world, you would expect there to be apps to help with clear communication, documentation and scheduling between co-parents, and there are.”

Co-Parenting Woes: There’s an App for That in the March Oklahoma Bar Journal was co-authored by OBA PMA Darla Jackson and OBA MAP Director Jim Calloway. We began by OBJ2018Marchcovering the features that these apps might include and then we focus on six apps. There are other apps and we include links to several other posts and articles about these types of apps in our Endnotes. This article was requested by the Bar Journal’s Board of Editors to round out this issue of the Bar Journal and we were pleased to assist because the March 2018 issue of Oklahoma Bar Journal has a family law theme. Although some of the articles it contains may focus on Oklahoma law, but most are useful for all lawyers who practice in this area.

The complete list of feature articles includes When Billy Wants to Live With Dad: A Guide to Using a Child’s Custody Preference in Litigation, Where to Start? Preparing to Examine a Family Law Expert, Court-Ordered Grandparent Visitation, Changes to Guardian Ad Litem Reporting, Using Trust and Tax Solutions in Divorce Mediation and Co-Parenting Woes: There’s an App for That. They are all freely available from the issue’s Features page. Feel free to share this post with the family lawyers and new lawyers you know.