2017 was a year of many natural disasters. While months have passed since hurricanes Irma and Maria and recovery from those storms is now only infrequently covered in the media, Tom Tom-Bolt-HeadshotBolt hasn't forgotten their impact. His Virgin Islands law firm BoltNagi PC was was hit by both hurricanes.

Many law firms, having seen the impact of these storms and other disasters, and have responded with a renewed focus on planning to be prepared  to react in situations like these. Without proper planning the economic losses from a disaster can be staggering. In this episode of The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology, When the Bell Tolls for Thee: Disaster Planning and Recovery for Law Firms I talk with Tom Bolt about how lawyers can prepare for natural disasters. The discussion includes what technology he used and needed, the importance of having a disaster recovery and business continuity policy in place and what types of problems his firm has dealt with in the aftermath. While the Virgin Islands received a devastating hit from these storms, all law firms need to have plans in place to cope with any future disaster, be it natural or digital.