If there is a single sentence summing up what every law firm of any size should be focusing on today, I’ll nominate this one. A law firm today should be in the business of producing great solutions and happy clients.

Happy Lawyer Happy ClientMost new clients don’t really want legal services. They need legal services. What they want is often a resolution of a problem. Sometimes they want to avoid a problem in the future. Sometimes they want advice and paperwork relating to something they are planning. However, the majority of legal work is the result of someone having a problem and hiring a lawyer to find, create or negotiate a solution to that problem.

Your attention is directed to my column from the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Great Solutions and Happy Clients. There are many strategies to improve client satisfaction. I cover a few of them.

The more you appreciate that the client wants a solution to their problem rather than legal services, the better you can design your legal services delivery processes to incorporate communication with clients focusing on how you are reaching their solution and the better you can design your marketing efforts to attract new clients.