Lawyers help their clients manage many legal and business risks. But law firms have many risks of their own to manage today. From ransomware and other cyber attacks to losing a key client or key lawyer, the way to Managing Riskmanage these risks is to think about the risks in advance and make plans from creating an incident response plans to purchasing insurance. In my column Risky Business: Managing Law Firm Risks for Law Practice magazine, I cover several risks and how to begin the planning processes to mitigate them.

The September/October 2017 of Law Practice magazine is a Finance themed issue. Every lawyer in private practice should be interested in law firm finance. Noteworthy articles include Budgeting for a Banner Year by Ellen Freedman, Identifying Your Ideal Clients by Mary Juetten and Using Small Data to Make Big Decisions by Fastcase CEO Ed Walters.

Managing both finances and potential risks more effectively are great topics for law firm improvement. There is much to consider in this issue of the Law Practice Division's flagship publication.