There's a lot of discussion these days about Artificial Intelligence and how AI and robots are replacing many jobs. Lawyers are starting to listen and think about how this trend might impact them. For the near future, most of those who pay attention to such trends in legal tech generally say it won't necessarily be technology replacing lawyers so much as lawyers who are more Andrew Arrudaempowered by technology replacing those who want to do things the old, traditional way.

In this episode of The Digital Edge Podcast – Running with the Machines: Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law, hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson talk to Andrew Arruda, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the artificial intelligence company ROSS Intelligence, about how artificial intelligence assists lawyers, not replaces them. Our conversation includes what ROSS is, the biggest misconceptions surrounding AI, and the biggest challenges facing legal technology adoption in larger firms. In case you have not be paying any attention, ROSS is the legal version of Watson, IBM's AI tool that is famous for easily beating the best Jeopardy human champions.

Don't dismiss this podcast because you are unconcerned about AI. Understanding the next generation of tools that are making their way into law firms is important for every lawyer even if you have no intention of hiring ROSS as your new associate.