Apple bought the Workflow app last week–and they apparently do not plan to kill it. As an iPhone user who was always going to get around to trying Workflow, I now think big things are ahead for this app and a lot of lawyers may want to try this now-free app.

See Apple bought the best utility app for the iPhone, Workflow.  From a 2014 review: "With only a half-hour of familiarity I was able to Workflow appset up a workflow that can find the locations of meetings I might have on any given day, pull images of the buildings they're in from Google Street View, and email them all to me."

If you are new to workflows or process automation, probably the best way to understand this is to look through these examples: 25 Coolest Things Apple's Workflow App Can Do.  Number 4 is how to easily create those text-on-picture graphics we see circulating as social media memes using your own pictures and the text you want.

The above included several things I didn't know how to do, although I assumed that they were "doable" with some research. The list above has many fun and useful things to do on your iPhone, like automatically texting your spouse the time you will be home. But it is also good experience for lawyers as developing law office workflow automation is something lawyers will be doing more, so some experience is good.

There are also many good reviews of Workflow in the iTunes store.