Data security and keeping confidential information confidential is an area of concern for everyone who uses computers and the Internet.

Digital padlockThe number of online threats continue to multiply and the average computer user has to be aware of some basic precautions. For my column Client Confidentiality, Personal Privacy and Digital Security, I tried to cover a number of areas that are important for basic digital information security.

Everyone can take these security steps. Admittedly some of these require some setup and a few will require changes that make your daily computer tasks take a moment or two longer than is required now. But privacy and confidentiality are important for us all and even more critical for lawyers with confidential client information to protect.

All of these steps are easily accomplished by an average office computer user. No advanced information technology skills are required.

If you have read a bit on end user computer security, you may not find a lot of new information here. But if you made a New Year’s resolution to pay more attention to protecting your private and confidential information this year, then this column is a great starting place.